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Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Tacoma PlumberKitchen maintenance and cleaning can certainly be an overwhelming task. Luckily, there are many modern day solutions intended to make this process much more simple.

Garbage disposals are the perfect example. Here are the top 10 reasons as to why a garbage disposal should be installed in every kitchen.

The Conveniences

1. When washing dishes, the last thing that someone wants to worry about are the extra little pieces of food left on dishes. With garbage disposals, families are left with the tedious task of picking out the pieces of food on their plates before they even start to wash dishes. By simply turning on a garbage disposal switch that grinds up any remaining bits of food, this problem is easily solved.

2. Many companies today are producing garbage disposals with options for quiet grinding. This makes late night dish washing convenient, because someone could wash dishes quietly without disturbing sleeping household members with a noisy garbage disposal.

3. When placed in garbage cartons, leftover scraps of food combined together can often result in unsavory aromas. Without the help of a garbage disposal, these bits of food would likely have to be placed in a separate bag or tightly sealed container until they were discarded of properly. This would make life in the kitchen even more complex and tedious. Fortunately, garbage disposals can easily dispose of these leftover bits without making a home smell terrible.

More Environmentally Friendly.

4. Garbage disposals get rid of leftover particles of food. This means that there will be much garbage for the garbage collector, meaning that less trash will be placed in the town's landfill. Landfill space is crucial, and garbage disposals make more landfill space available.

5. Instead of sitting at a landfill with no purpose, food waste collected from garbage disposals are transferred to locations where they can serve as renewable energy and fertilizers.

6. When food waste is sent to landfills, it is incinerated, and produces harmful emissions that are bad for the planet.

7. When food is placed in the garbage disposal, it transforms into bio solids. Bio solids can then be used to produce fertilizers. This is a much more natural, environmentally friendly method of making fertilizers as opposed to other manufacturing processes.

8. With less food scraps to be transported to landfills, less garbage vehicles would be necessary. This would save on energy costs and it lower energy consumption from Tacoma Garbage Disposal Servicesunburned fossil fuels.

Easy Costs and Maintenance

9. Water use is a huge expense in the home, but the water used in garbage disposals typically only accounts for a mere 1% of the water. Because only about 1% of water is used in disposals, the maintenance costs can be as cheap as 50 cents a year.

10. Professionals can be hired at reasonable prices to install garbage disposals easily.

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