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Discover National Love a Tree Day This May!

May 16 is National Love a Tree Day, which is in the middle of Garden for Life Month. We have heard of Arbor Day, where planting trees are encouraged, but we honestly never heard of Love a Tree Day. However, we’re glad we know now, which is why we want to share the importance of the day with you!

Trees provide shade from solar radiation and absorb carbon dioxide, and help to clean our atmosphere. Trees also help to reduce the effects of wind and make a city cooler by 7 degrees Celsius. The USDA has said: “One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen.

This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people.” As we can see, trees are vital to helping the environment absorb the effects of humans and to supply our oxygen. Trees help prevent erosion and absorb some of the rain we receive. We could go on and on about how great trees are, but you get the point. So now we need to discuss why watering trees is necessary to help them survive.

How to Water a Tree

cleanwater We need to help do our part to water trees, especially in the hot summer or if Tacoma were to experience a drought. Proper tree water is more than dumping a watering can on a tree: it actually requires soaking the root system, which can take some time.

This means that trees usually require 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter. An easy way to measure this would be to dump two 5-gallon buckets around the tree.

But be cautious not to dump dirty or polluted water on your trees, because it could harm or kill them--use quality clean water. In the end, if we help care for our trees, they can be around for generations, meaning you can show your future grandkids the tree you played under growing up, or where you and your wife maybe shared your first kiss!

Consider Water Filtration for Your Home

waterfilter Now that you know the importance of clean water for trees, it’s time to look at the fact we’re much like trees. Without clean water, we can get sick or die. In the United States and here in Tacoma, most of us are blessed with good drinking water, but there’s still always room for improvement.

A home or kitchen filtration system can help filter out chlorine, organic chemicals, bacteria, toxins, minerals, and viruses. Rather than only focusing on drinking water, getting a whole-house filtration system can remove volatile organic chemicals from shower steam.

Filtration is useful for removing cancer-causing contaminants like arsenic since although it’s present at levels well below the national average and legal limits, it nonetheless still exists in our water. Why take even small risks when having an extra purification system in place is in your power?

Start Celebrating Love a Tree Day This Year

plantatree The best way to celebrate Love a Tree Day is to water trees, but if you don’t have any, you can help spread the word about the holiday and encourage others to take care of their trees.

If you have kids or a dog, take them to the park and enjoy soaking in the beauty and functionality of trees now that you know more about them. If you want an at-home filtration system, call All Purpose Plumbing today at (253) 473-5100.

You can find a $25 coupon off for any service on our website, or we also offer military discounts. We can help determine and install the best filtration system for your home. We love both trees and our customers, so we’re excited to help both groups out.