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What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Tacoma PlumberA clog in your sink's drain is never a positive thing and trying to get rid of it as soon as the water backs up seems like a smart move.

The problem is people opt to use chemical drain cleaners to handle the job. While these liquids might seem harmless, they come with a host of problems.

Chemicals are Never Beneficial

Sure, it all seems simple. You pour a chemical down the drain and all harsh, stubborn clogs should disappear. In truth, the process really is simple but its not without major problems.

Three Major Woes Chemical Cleaners Bring Forth

Chemical drain cleaning fluid comes with a number of problems. The fumes from the cleaner is probably the most obvious. When the fumes come up out of the drain, they permeate through the air. Anyone who lives in the home (or apartment) is going to ingest the fumes when breathing.

A person could get sick right away or the accumulation of breathing fumes over time and it could lead to an adverse health reaction. In a lot of ways, chemical drain cleaners really should be deemed passed. The risks associated with them are not worth any benefits they might deliver.

Chemical cleaners do not only burn up the clogs in the drain, the cleaners also do a number of the pipes in the plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners have a corrosive element to them. They might not burn through the metal at first touch, but the degrading of the metal could occur over time.

Sometimes, when a clog does not go away as quickly as desired, pouring more draining cleaning liquid down the drain is the immediate response. Consider this a very bad idea because all that extra liquid might literally burn holes in the plumbing. The end result may be a major leak and very costly plumbing repair work.

Tacoma Drain Cleaning ServicesWhen a clogged drain fills a sink with water and you pour liquid cleaner into the sink, you now have a very dangerous concoction capable of poisoning pets. An unsuspecting dog or cat might sip some of the water and end up very seriously sick as a result.

Call a Plumber

Probably the best advice that can be given to anyone with a seriously clogged drain is to call a professional plumber.

A plumber has much safer tools at his disposal to clean out a drain. So, taking advantage of what the pros have to offer would be the better plan.

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