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Need to get your drains cleared?


Tacoma Hydro JettingEver since professional plumbers have been doing their work duties, by fixing clogged toilets, sinks, and drains, they often used a tool known as a plumbing snake to take care of the problems within these drains. Although this was often the common procedure, a better means of unclogging drains known as hydro jetting was introduced. Professionals tend to use this method more because it produces powerful and lasting results, removes extra debris, and negates the use of chemicals.

The technique known as hydro jetting used by professionals, bears close similarities to power washing, in that, they release a strong stream of water to remove troublesome substances or obstacles. Many hydro jetting machines have adjustable gauges which allow the plumber to set the strength of the water spray. The water blasts can be anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds per square inch. 

This allows them to remove problematic substances like grease, hair, minerals, and many other built up things, hurling them through the drain and clearing it. However, before a plumber decides to actually perform a hydro jetting routine they will inspect the drain with a small camera to pinpoint the source of the problem. This also informs them if your drain is broken or weak.

What sets hydro jetting apart from the traditional plumbing snake method is its ability to tackle more things than just regular drain clogs. As mentioned earlier, the jet spray is powerful enough to remove excess grease and other materials that have built up over time, however, it is also powerful enough to break up tree roots as well. Most importantly, when you allow a professional to perform a routine hydro jetting to your drains, it will improve the overall health of the pipes. This is because due to the power of the jet, your plumber will not have to rely on harsh chemicals to break anything up.

The thin line that lies between traditional and modern plumbing techniques are apparent with the introduction of hydro jetting. Your drains will be unclogged faster and more efficiently which will preserve their use a lot longer.

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