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The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Tacoma PlumberYou spend a great deal of time in your bathroom. Why not upgrade it and enjoy your time in there? Lots of new trends appeared for 2015. Which of these trends interests you?

Become Technologically Savvy.

Technology is everywhere. Now you can use it to your advantage in your bathroom. Add a refrigerated medicine cabinet to finally keep all of those meds at an appropriate temperature.

Put in a programmable shower that allows you to control the temperature, pressure, and now add aromatherapy and even Chromotherapy.

Add a dimmer switch or LED lighting. You can also add a state-of-the-art speaker system, to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce!

Mother Nature is fickle, giving some floods and others drought. We all need to work on reducing our water consumption. Low-flow toilets and hands-free help you control how much water you are using. New smart shower-heads are able to manipulate the flow to use less water but still feel like you are having a full shower.

Change your Look.

Designers are finding new ways of creating cohesive bathroom fixtures, providing a more aesthetically pleasing room. Trendy bathrooms in 2015 are getting curvy.

At the same time, these fixtures are crafted in such a way as to provide some extra hidden storage. Open floor plans or doorless showers also expand your sense of space. The trendy colors of the year are more neutral, with earthy shades of gray.

To Bathe, or not to Bathe. That is the Question.

Do you keep the bathtub or give it up altogether? Those who wish to conserve water are usually against keeping the bathtub. They also take up a lot of space and can quickly eat up your design and remodeling costs.

Tacoma Bathroom-TrendsThink of the big, walk-in shower you could have, instead! Others prefer to not give up the luxury. For them, a free-standing bathtub may be the best bet. Others may still want the spa treatment at home, keeping the jet tub.

Soothe your Feet

Even when the weather is decent, the bathroom floor is notoriously cold. It can quickly negate the warm, relaxed feeling you just got from your bath or shower if you end up with freezing feet. Radiant heated floors will keep your feet nice and toasty as you towel off and get ready.

Keep up with the latest trends for your Tacoma bathroom. Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today and see what you can do.