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A Day Celebrating World Peace

In 1981, the United Nations decided to start a yearly celebration called the International Day of Peace, which would fall on the 21st of September.

The day was concocted to recognize the valiant efforts of those who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place for future generations. A personal and political ceasefire is put in place to commemorate the day.

This year’s theme is “Climate Action for Peace” because climate change is a pressing issue that the world has been dealing with and trying to overcome before the effects are irreversible.

Where Would We Be Without Plumbing?

waterdroughts Before there was indoor plumbing with pipes and sewage, there were water closets that were used for centuries, and even before that there were chamber pots.

No one realized the way that plumbing would shape the world and sanitation. In the previous centuries, during the Age of Enlightenment, Reformation and Bubonic Plague.

People used to use a chamber pot to empty themselves in and after they were finished they tossed it in the streets. This practice invited countless diseases, which contributed to the shorter lifespan. People thought living until the age of 40 was old.

Clothing was made to be easily accessible because it was not easy for them to squat over a chamber pot. They couldn’t be out in public and pull down their trousers, skirts and other clothing items and this shaped the way we design our clothes today. Plumbing is taken for granted by those who have it, but there are still so many countries in the world that do not have working toilets or clean water.

Who Needs Water?

everyone In recent news, there has been mention of the rapidly melting ice caps and how this would cause a water shortage in the future. Lots of people shrug their shoulders and believe that they will be dead and gone by the time this becomes an issue.

It’s the mentality that has current generations dealing with outrageous gas prices, unfair wages, and unaffordable cost of living. In this day in age, there have been cities in the United States that have gone without clean water or any water for that matter.

This is supposed to be an advanced country and even we cannot solve the water crisis that is hitting us. This is not an isolated incident, because so much water is wasted and polluted. Education is key to understand the seriousness of our need for water quality.

People believe that there is a surplus amount of water, but they don’t realize that polluted water can’t be used. If we keep dumping trash into the ocean then the majority of the water in the world will be unsanitary and unable to be used.

Making the World a Better Place

worldpeace The mentality that needs to be taught and understood is that this is not just one country’s problems but the world’s problem. If it can happen in one country it can happen in others.

We need to band together to deal with the issues and not trying to promote fear and intolerance. A great way to promote peace is by helping other countries who are in need.

Third world countries can use all the help they can, but it does not mean to interfere in their politics or religious beliefs. Plumbing and water should be accessible to everyone, not just the privileged few.

This year everyone should band together to improve the environment in whatever way they can, big or small. Change doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but in the little things, we do every day to make the world a little better for the future.