The Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Here are 5 kitchen remodeling ideas for your Tacoma home to fit different kitchen styles from modern to contemporary or traditional to timeless designs.

Typically, the reason for remodeling is to update the kitchen, bringing in a touch of the current trends, while keeping some of the familiar and comfortable aspects of the home. There are so many options, but the most important thing to remember is how the kitchen is used by the family living in the home.

1. Sink Ideas for the Kitchen

Depending on the new kitchen design a single or double kitchen sink works and with several options from cascading models, under the counter mount or drop in over the countertop or the apron front sink.

Whether the decision is to install a single or double sink the designs may require plumbing updates for installation.

Tacoma, WA Kitchen-Remodeling-Services2. Faucets Can be Changed

When you think about kitchen ideas in particular the faucet and fixtures, which are essential accents and may be the most used item in the kitchen.

Selections exist from the standard dual knobs for hot and cold water, single handle to pull out designs, and with today’s technology the touch designs have become very popular.

3. Accessories are Vital

Kitchen remodeling goes back to how the room is used and the functionality of the accessory. Consider installing built in soap dispensers, which are available in either manual or touch models, and be sure to select the side sprayers for reaching across the width of the sink.

4. Appliances, You Need Them

Appliances today come in a range of sizes when it comes to disposals, dishwashers and water filters for the sinks and refrigerators. When remodeling think about the energy saving applications and function when selecting these appliances.

Something to keep in mind, especially for plumbing appliances, in so many instances it’s the underneath conditions of pipes and drains that affect the function of the newly installed appliance or accessory. If the pipes and drains are working properly, they will add value to the appliance above the counter.

5. Bar Sinks

Bar sinks have improved over the years and today the traditional single sink model now offers a variety of options ranging in shapes, sizes, texture and smooth finishes along with color selections.

Depending on the space and plumbing available, faucets and fixtures can range from traditional to custom designs to fit casual dining or larger group entertainment.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 to transform the look of your Tacoma, WA home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.

Upgrade Your Appliances and Start to Save

Appliances in Your Home that Waste Water

Water conservation is becoming more crucial than ever. With many regions experiencing record droughts and managers expecting shrinking water supplies in the future, now is a good time to start thinking of water conservation.

One excellent way of conserving water is to reduce the waste from home appliances that you use almost every day. With less water use, you can save money on your Tacoma water bill and feel good that you are conserving water that is becoming increasingly more scarce these days.

Tacoma Water-Conservation-ServicesReplace Your Shower Head and Consider Taking Shorter Showers

If your old shower head has not been replaced then it is a major water waster. Install a new low flow shower head that offers the same if not a better shower stream while using less water.

This is an inexpensive fix and can be done yourself. Low flow shower heads use less than 2.5 gallons per minute and offer an easy way of reducing water use without sacrificing shower quality. The more efficient shower heads will about 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

If you take a 10 minute shower then it will save you 10 gallons per each shower. In addition to a low flow shower head, simply taking a shorter shower will cut down on water waste.

You can turn off the shower when soaping up. This should save you some water when it is not needed.

Old Toilets can be Mega Wasters of Water

Outdated toilets can be huge wasters of water. They use significantly more water than new low-flush toilets. A typical old toilet can use anywhere from 3-5 gallons per flush which is wasteful.

A low flush toilet on the other hand will flush away waste and use only 1 or 2 gallons maximum to get rid of waste. Old toilets also have a attendance to leak water and may have mechanical problems leading to people flushing more often. If you have an especially old toilet, it is best to replace because it is a huge waster of water.

Check Your Faucets For Leaks

Faucets are another major source of water waste in your Tacoma home. Check all your faucets for leaks. While they may seem minuscule, the constant dripping could add up and cost you. To save even more money, consider installing low-flow faucets.

If you don't want to replace your faucets you can install aerators that will limit the flow of water from a faucet. These will turn your current faucets into low-flow faucets without much hassle. A professional plumber can check for leaks, fix them and install new faucets for you.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Tacoma, WA home.

The Signs to be Aware of, in Case of a Water Leak

Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

As a homeowner, it is important to realize that any type of water damage can end up being very expensive to repair. It typically will involve contractors, plumbers, and carpenters to fix. As a result, it is very important to find any hidden leaks before they grow out of hand.

Tacoma, WA Plumbing ServicesThe Following are 5 Signs of a Possible Water Leak

If somethings starts to smell musty or sour, it is possible that there is a hidden water leak. Take time to clean your Tacoma bathroom thoroughly and then check the smell again. If you still detect a musty smell, you should contact a plumber to diagnose the potential problem.

If you see stains on the walls or ceilings this could be a sign. If there is water leaking in the pipes it will begin to stain the walls, floor, and even the ceiling.

Sometimes water leaks stain remote areas farther away from the actual leak. Sometimes water leaks can cause paint to begin peeling.

In very extreme situations, you might see sagging or drooping in the ceiling due to water pressure from a water leak above. If you do not do something about it, water can begin leaking through the walls.

Water Leaks Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

If you see any mildew or mold growing it can be a sign that you have not cleaned up in a while, but it can also be a sign of a potential leak. Mold and mildew thrive in wet, damp areas.

If you clean regularly, but still mold and mildew, you probably have a hidden leak. Also, if you see mold or mildew growing from a dry surface area, there is most likely a leak below it. Be sure to clean up and then call a professional. Mildew and mold can be dangerous to inhale.

A Couple More Signs

If the floor feels soft, it could be that there is a hidden leak. Water softens bathroom flooring, walls, and more. If your Tacoma floor is sagging, damaged, or cracked you should contact a professional right away. Repairing a floor can be quite costly so you should act quickly before more damage occurs.

If your utility bill is bigger than it typically is, you might have a hidden leak. While water usage fluctuates naturally, if you are seeing a bigger than usual difference, you might want to contact a professional to help diagnose the problem.

Don't be submerged by the water in your Tacoma, WA home. Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, and get that water leak fixed now!

Get the Facts on the Importance of Backflow Testing

The Importance of Backflow Testing

Tacoma PlumberHow Can Backflow Protect the Life and Health of your Family Members?

Some homeowners are not aware that backflow actually exists. Backflow occurs when there is an unintended reversal of water flow within the plumbing system. When water reverses its direction it can cause drinking water to become contaminated and useless.

How Does Backflow Contaminant Drinking Water?

Some may ask how backflow can actually cause water to become contaminated. The water that is reversed back into one’s drinking water supply could be non-potable water.

This reversal of water backing in one’s plumbing system can cause contaminants such as chemicals, untreated river water, herbicides, water from flushed toilets, propane gas, or even sewage to get mixed in with drinking water.

These contaminants can enter drinking water through various ways such as sprinklers systems, boilers, radiant heat systems, rain water collection systems, wells, ponds, docks, or even pressure boosting systems. If any of these items are connected to the plumbing system at a home or business then it is recommended that proper precautions be taken.

In the event that either of these systems causes water flow to reverse then drinking water can become very harmful for human or animal consumption. If consumed this water can cause a person or animal to become ill or even worse lose their life.

What Threat Does Backflow Have on Health?

With the help of a backflow testing service, one’s family can be protected from the harm that contaminated water can cause. Drinking contaminated water can put people in danger of being infected with infectious hepatitis, legionnaire’s disease, typhoid, and dysentery.

These illnesses can cause a person to become very sick and if not properly treated. Such diseases can also become life threatening.

Tacoma Backflow-Testing-ServicesHow Can Backflow Be Prevented?

In many cases there are not any physical signs to look for that can reveal backflow. If one’s water supply fall victim to backflow then its appearance may not change.

It will look the same as regular drinking water and may not contain any distinctive odors. The best way to prevent one’s drinking water from becoming contaminated is by having a back flow device installed.

A backflow device prevents backflow and helps to keep drinking water safe when they are working properly. Sometime these devices can fail to prevent backflow from occurring.

Due to this fact it is important to regularly recruit a backflow testing company. These professional will be able to test the backflow to ensure it is properly protecting one’s drinking water from reversing the way it flows.

Want more information on backflow testing in your Tacoma area? Just call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100, and take the proper precautions.

Build Up the Savings with Low Flow Fixtures

How Low-Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save on Water

Tacoma PlumberHumans have sustained themselves with water from time immemorial. Biology tells us that our bodies need water to perform countless vital processes to keep us healthy. We also use water to wash off the dust of the day's labors, to prepare meals, and to rid us of our bodies' waste.

Water is a staple of any healthy civilization. In this age of bureaucracy and vast populations, water usage is tightly regulated, and your water bill reflects the volume of water you used in a given month.

Assuming you are a wise, thrifty consumer, you'll be interested to know that there are a few investments you can make to save significantly on your water bill. Enter the world of low-flow utilities.

Toilets with Low Flow

Unless you have access to an outhouse, chances are your residence features at least one toilet, and rightfully so. But your toilet may not be as water-efficient as it could be.

Before 1995, toilets sometimes used as much as 3.5 gallons of water per flush. The U.S. Department of Energy set a standard that now limits newer toilets to 1.6 gallons per flush, a significant improvement.1 Equipping your home with low-flush toilets naturally results in a lower water bill.

Shower Heads

The U.S. Department of Energy has also set a standard for shower head flow: 2.5 gallons of water per minute (gpm) or less. When shopping for shower heads, look for the most energy efficient.

Tacoma Fixture Installation ServiceLow-flow shower heads are generally either aerating (in which air is mixed with the water to create a mist) or laminar-flow (meaning the water flows in individual streams).2 If your shower head may pre-date 1992, you probably could stand to benefit from a new, low-flow shower head.


Last, but certainly not least, the aerators attached to newer kitchen sink faucets generally restrict flow to 2.2 gpm, and newer bathroom faucet aerators vary, restricting flow from 1.5 to 0.5 gpm.

Aerators are inexpensive to replace, and can be one of the most efficient changes you can make to your faucets to lower your water bill.

If you think that any of your water fixtures may be out of date, ask a professional. It could result in significant savings on your next water bill.

Don’t delay. Give All Purpose Plumbing a call at (253) 473-5100 to save money and lower the carbon footprint of your Tacoma home without changing your busy lifestyle.

Get the Facts on the Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer Plumbing Tips

Glen Cove PlumberIf you have ever owned a home, you likely know just how important your plumbing system is, and if you want to keep your pipes clean and running for a long time there are some things that you should do regularly for maintenance and some things that you should definitely avoid.

Here are some of the biggest summer plumbing tips that you should take into consideration.

Know What you Can and Can Not Put Down the Toilet

Great deals of people end up with clogs in their toilets because they simply attempted to flush things that are not acceptable.

Even if you happen to put something down the drain and it ends up flushing, it could very well get stuck in the inner workings of the drain, leading to a blockage.  When it comes to flushing, the general rule is to keep it solely to toilet paper.

Turn Down the Water Heater and Clear Your Disposal

Now that it is summer, chances are that you do not need as much hot water as you did in the winder, so you can go ahead and turn your hot water heater down. Turning your heater down will decrease your energy consumption and put money back in your pocket.

Clearing your garbage disposal is another great thing to do during the summer, due to the fact that often times there are more events and barbecues taking place, leading to more foreign objects going down the drain. This means it is a good idea to clear your disposal to make sure that it does not get backed up and over worked.

Check Sewer Lines

Glen Cove Summer-Plumbing-TipsOften time's a home can develop cracks in their sewer lines, leading to all sorts of problems if left unchecked.

When there is a crack in the sewer line, water and nutrients drip into the ground and if there are trees around, the roots will actually grow to the water source, causing further problems to the lines.

It is a good idea to check these lines as soon as you can before or during summer, due to the fact that this is the time of year when tree roots are growing the most.

The last and final thing is to simply have a professional come out and check your full plumbing system, or at least do a thorough inspection yourself.

It can get much more complicated to work on your pipes during the winter, so making sure you do a thorough inspection and fixing any problems that have developed during the summer is ideal.

Looking for more insight on summer plumbing tips for your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, and see what works for you!


Don't Handle that Emergency the Wrong Way

Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

Tacoma PlumberThe problem with a plumbing emergency is that it can and will strike at the most inopportune times. You could be away on vacation when a line to the water heater bursts, you could be sleeping when the kitchen sink explodes, or you might be out at work when the toilet begins to back flow and fill the room with raw sewage.

While these all are emergencies in their own way, by taking just a small amount of precautions you have the ability to lessen the overall damage that will result. Consider these tips for dealing with a plumbing emergency quickly.

Know How to Tape a Pipe

Most plumbing emergencies are a result of a pipe leaking and causing water damage in the room. If you have the ability to built a small patch you can stop the water leaking until a professional can arrive on scene and make the necessary repair for you. All you need to do this repair is some rubber garden hose, some hose clamps, and a screwdriver.

The hose should already be cut length wise so you can wrap it over the area of the leak. Once the rubber covers the hole, place two hose clamps on either end and tighten down to keep the water leak to an absolute minimum.

The Power of Duct Tape

Tacoma Emergency Plumbing ServicesEven if you have no tools and no repair experience, a simple roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors can do amazing things when it comes to stopping leaks inside the home. If you find a leak on an exposed pipe, begin wrapping the area with the duct tape several times.

The duct tape is waterproof and highly adhesive, so even if the water pressure is high, the tape will stick to the surface. keep wrapping the tape until you can at least slow down the flow of water and get the plumber to your home as quickly as possible.

Turning Off the Water

As simple as this technique may seem, many homeowners are not aware that each appliance has its own water shut-off valve nearby. Each toilet has a shut-off valve near the tank, each sink has a shut-off near the water supply inlet, and the washer machine has one connected to the wall behind the unit. Turn off the water supply if you can and you instantly stop the flow of water to that device until help arrives.

Looking for an emergency plumber in Tacoma? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 for quality service you can trust!

Be Aware of the New Latest Bathroom Trends

The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Tacoma PlumberYou spend a great deal of time in your bathroom. Why not upgrade it and enjoy your time in there? Lots of new trends appeared for 2015. Which of these trends interests you?

Become Technologically Savvy.

Technology is everywhere. Now you can use it to your advantage in your bathroom. Add a refrigerated medicine cabinet to finally keep all of those meds at an appropriate temperature.

Put in a programmable shower that allows you to control the temperature, pressure, and now add aromatherapy and even Chromotherapy.

Add a dimmer switch or LED lighting. You can also add a state-of-the-art speaker system, to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Reduce, Reduce, Reduce!

Mother Nature is fickle, giving some floods and others drought. We all need to work on reducing our water consumption. Low-flow toilets and hands-free help you control how much water you are using. New smart shower-heads are able to manipulate the flow to use less water but still feel like you are having a full shower.

Change your Look.

Designers are finding new ways of creating cohesive bathroom fixtures, providing a more aesthetically pleasing room. Trendy bathrooms in 2015 are getting curvy.

At the same time, these fixtures are crafted in such a way as to provide some extra hidden storage. Open floor plans or doorless showers also expand your sense of space. The trendy colors of the year are more neutral, with earthy shades of gray.

To Bathe, or not to Bathe. That is the Question.

Do you keep the bathtub or give it up altogether? Those who wish to conserve water are usually against keeping the bathtub. They also take up a lot of space and can quickly eat up your design and remodeling costs.

Tacoma Bathroom-TrendsThink of the big, walk-in shower you could have, instead! Others prefer to not give up the luxury. For them, a free-standing bathtub may be the best bet. Others may still want the spa treatment at home, keeping the jet tub.

Soothe your Feet

Even when the weather is decent, the bathroom floor is notoriously cold. It can quickly negate the warm, relaxed feeling you just got from your bath or shower if you end up with freezing feet. Radiant heated floors will keep your feet nice and toasty as you towel off and get ready.

Keep up with the latest trends for your Tacoma bathroom. Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today and see what you can do.

Don't Settle for a Short Piping System Life Span

How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing Piping System

Tacoma PlumberEventually, the pipes in your home will fall apart and need to be replaced. This is inevitable and part of the normal wear and tear on a home.

Having said that there are some basic steps that you can take to avoid having to repipe your home which can be costly.

Be Careful Regarding Usage

To a large extent, how well you treat you plumbing system will impact how long it lasts. Be careful regarding what you drop down your sink and be sure to use a food catch to eliminate large food particles.

If you are having plumbing problems be sure to not use drain cleaning chemicals that can damage the plumbing system and contact a local plumber instead.

They can use a snake to clean out your system and avoid the damage from chemical dissolvents. If you are on a septic system be sure to have the system treated regularly and be conscious of what goes into your sec system so that it can operate effectively.

Have Your Home Inspected Annually by a Licensed Plumber

An annual inspection by a licensed plumber will help to identify issues as soon as they arisen will allow that licensed plumber to respond to those issues before they weaken and decimate your plumbing system.

Be sure to schedule an inspection each year and check to see if there are any leaks and communicate to him any problems that you may be experiencing so that your plumber can properly investigate those issues.

When You Do Have Your Plumbing System Updated, Use a Quality Plumber

Tacoma Pipe-ServicesThis almost goes without saying but when you do have to repipe your plumbing system be sure to use a plumber who is experienced, fully licensed, and who has a good reputation in the neighborhood.

Many people inherit their plumbing problems from the last owner and don’t care about the quality of the plumbing system they install if they are moving away in a year or two.

Use quality plumbers to avoid short term and long-term plumbing issues as the benefits will accrue to you as the current owner as well as to future home owners.

Finally, be aware that you are not an expert in your plumbing system and use the wisdom of your plumber to improve your system.

Consult with them and ask for recommendations based upon the system that you currently have. Ask what will make your plumbing system as longer and what pitfalls you can avoid that might contribute to damage to it.

Want to extend the life of your Tacoma home piping system? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 to find out ways to extend the life of your pipes.

The Time is Now to Get Rid of Those Stains

Stains on Tile and How to Remove Them

Tacoma PlumberWhy are There Water Stains on my Tub and Tile?

Many people notice that their beautiful tiles and brand new tubs are stained. The fact is that most tubs and tile accumulate stains over the years.

The average person gets very frustrated, and they do not know the correct method to remove the stains and stop them from reappearing again.

Certainly, the stains gross people out, and they rush to the store to purchase the first cleanser they see. However, there are natural solutions that they could easily use that would not damage their tub or tile.

What Causes Water Stains

Many customers ask us the same question. The questions and concerns are water stains in bathrooms. They wonder what causes the stains and is there an easy way to stop the water stains. Water stains are caused by hard water. Hard water is filled with minerals. For example, minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Those chemicals are absorbed by the water before entering the home. Hard water makes it extremely difficult for tile cleansers or tub cleansers to work effectively.

Thus, reducing the products, and the cleansing power. Furthermore, hard water is responsible for causing mineral build-up in pipes, sinks, tubs, toilets, and even on tile. Therefore, it takes an extra strong product to remove those water stains.

Certainly, the product purchased in the store are not as effective as the tools and solutions that your professional plumber uses to remove water stains. Plumbers are able to identify the stain and use the proper solution to quickly and effectively remove any type of stains.

Removing Water Stains

The key to removing water stains off of tile or a tub is to act fast. Don't let the stains simply remain there for days.

Tacoma Tub-StainsLetting the stains remain for even a few days allows time for the stains really settle in the tiles or tub. The longer the stains remain, the harder they will be to remove.

Soon as you spot a stain, get to work. Either buy a cleaner at the store or contact a professional plumber to remove the stains before they ruin the tile or tub.

Anyone that is worried about rust or water stains on their tile or tub should contact a plumber immediately.

Trying to get rid of those awful stains in your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today and see how we can help!