Clean that Drain with a Hydrojetting

Five Benefits of Hydrojetting


Tacoma PlumberThere is something about a dirty drain that is particularly offensive. Sometimes it smells bad enough to taint the entire atmosphere of the home.

What Is It?

Hydrojetting is a plumbing method used to clean smelly, clogged pipe and sewer lines. A hard blast of water is sent through the lines that will effectively remove blockages.

About 4000 pounds or more per square inch of pressure is used for the initial blast, so a video inspection is implemented first to determine the cause of the blockage and whether the lines will withstand the high pressure.

This is the kind of serious pressure used in precision cutting and preparation of surfaces for bonding. Industries like construction, marine and manufacturing use hydrojetting methods.

The jetting tool works in a couple of ways. The hydro-force effectively clears drains as it moves forward under intense pressure. The jetting is sent forward by a reverse water thrust.

There are about six to eight reverse jets that break up all the blockages in the pipes. The forward sweep of water takes the whole mess out of the drain.

What are the benefits to homeowners and businesses?

Commercial Buildings

Regular hydrojetting can keep restaurant pipes free of grease and food particles, offering a more convenient and sanitary food service experience.

Hydrojetting is the perfect sanitary solution to the myriads of drain issues faced by hospitals, and the very real infectious properties therein.

It's a boon to home owners who have the misfortune to always be snaking out drains. Hair, scale, soap and other residues are common complaints needing a snaking out - again. Hydrojetting whisks out such debris, leaving pipes completely clean and free-flowing.

Sand and sediment is often a cause of gradual slowing and stoppage of home draining systems. This kind of silting is not well-addressed by snaking or rooting out a system. In this case, hydrojetting is an ideal method. The heavy force of the pressured water sweeps all sand and sediment before it and out of the drain.

What is the Benefit?

Tacoma HydrojettingHydrojetting will effectively remove tree roots in drains, but consider: The tree root got into the drain in the first place by breaching the protective lining of the sewer tile.

If the sewer tile or line has collapsed, hydrojetting will not be a long-term solution to the root problem. It is only a matter of time before the section of pipe will need to be replaced.

Using a snake or auger such as roto-rooter usually just drills a hole through the blockage and shoves grease and dirt back up against the pipe walls. Hydrojetting is a superior method that scours pipes clean.

If you suspect build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call (253) 473-5100 and let All Purpose Plumbing clear the pipes of your Tacoma home.

The Advantage of Plumbing Inspections for a New Home

What Are the Benefits of Plumbing Inspections


Tacoma PlumberHaving a plumbing inspection before moving into a new house can save tons of headache and trouble in the long-run. If someone simply buys a house without having the plumbing inspected, they may run into consecutive problems.

Taking care of the situation right away is the wisest move, especially if it's one's dream home. There are three main plumbing features to check before purchasing a new home.

1. Main Sewer

This is a big one, as nobody wants to deal with a nasty mess. It may not be apparent from the outside, but sewer pipes may be corroded. Obstructions may be inside the sewer pipeline, causing it to not work properly.

These plumbing issues can be very expensive to fix. Finding out whether or not a home has these issues before buying it could save you tons of money. Having a professional plumber come out and inspect these lines with a camera may cost some money, but it will definitely payoff in the future.

2. Water Heaters

The average lifespan of a water heater is 10 years, depending on the quality and make. A person looking to buy a particular house cannot be certain if it has functional water heaters.

A water heater in a bad location, such as near carpets, could be a big problem. The thermostat may just about to seize functioning, or the gas-lines could be clogged. In extreme cases, the water heater's safety valve may not be working, resulting in an explosion. The only sure-way to know is to have an expert take a look at the water heaters.

3. Toilets

Tacoma Plumbing InspectionsToilets may pose other serious problems, such as leaks at the base. Even if the leaks are very minute, they will create a serious problem overtime. The floor board underneath the toilet can become seriously weakened if there are any leaks.

The toilet tank itself could not be working properly or outdated. Nobody wants to dish out a large chunk of money because of a bad toilet. Having someone inspect these plumbing aspects before buying a new house is the most effective decision.

By getting these plumbing inspections in your Tacoma home, will save you time and money. Call All Purpose Plumbing today at (253) 473-5100, and see what plumbing inspections you need today!

Drain Cleaning Annually Will Save You Money!

Drain Cleaning: What are the Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning?


Tacoma PlumberDrainage is an extremely important aspect of every home or an establishment. The free flow of content in the drainage systems has numerous advantages and therefore keeping yours clean is the way to a healthy place. Let us assist you with our drain cleaning services.

A persistent stain, a clog or even an odor can be the turn-off for many people not to mention your important visitors. Cleaning regularly prevents these odors and improves your health since you or your loved ones are not exposed to unimaginable dirt or stains.

There are various professionals in the plumbing industry that specializes in cleaning and unblocking your drains whenever you need such services. They perform exceptional work to ensure you receive maximum benefits for investing your money and time.

Professionally, you are better off performing an annual cleaning to your entire drains even when they do not show any signs of clogging or stain and dirt accumulation. This will save you added cost of repairs or an embarrassment in front of your relatives or friends.

Being a homeowner comes with various responsibilities and so are the privileges. To rip the benefits associated with owning a home, you must always keep it neat and tidy, always maintained and healthy to be occupied. One of the many ways to do this is by seeking the services of professional plumbers to clean your drains at least once every year. The benefits of an annual drain cleaning include:

1. Reduce the Possibility of Blockage

To ensure nothing is left to chance, seek the services of a professional in conducting an annual drain clean-up. This will bring a secure feeling in that you don’t have to deal with emergencies in the middle of the night or an important event in your house in-case of blocked drains. The work done in this single day will ensure you have a whole year without having to worry about your drains

2. Conducting an Inspection to your Entire Drainage and Pipes

A good service provider will not only come to clean your drains, they should also combine it with thorough inspection to your entire pipes and sewer systems.

These could be due to decay or damage by overgrown roots. This should help reveal areas needing repair and give time to respond quickly and promptly.

3. Reduced Maintenance Cost

Tacoma Drain CleaningVery few people would detect a problem in their drainage system until it is too late. The real problem is discovered when the damage is already done leaving a homeowner without options but to buy and replace such components with newer ones.

Annual drain cleaning should help reveal such issues early enough and reduce repair costs if the situation can be rectified in time.

Unclog that drain with the experts at All Purpose Plumbing, just Call (253) 473-5100, we offer the best drain cleaning services in the Tacoma area.

Don't Let Your DIY Go Wrong! Call the Professionals

DIY Gone Wrong


Tacoma PlumberThree Common DIY Plumbing Fixes Gone Wrong

Taking on a DIY plumbing project can many times be easier said than done. If you do not have the experience that a professional plumber has, you run the risk of making mistakes or not being able to anticipate problems that can be costly in the end.

If you lack the experience to handle plumbing repairs, these next DIY examples might better be left to a local expert who can make the repair quickly and without having you go without your plumbing for an extended period of time.

Brand New Toilet

Whether you are installing a new low flow toilet system or you simply want to update to a more modern style toilet, it is important you have experience with different aspects of plumbing before taking ion this particular DIY plumbing project.

The first is choosing the right toilet. If you do not carefully match up the bolts already in your floor with a new toilet, it will never seat correctly. Then you had better make sure the gasket between the toilet and the floor sits correctly or water will begin leaking when the toilet is flushed.

The New Bathroom Sink

Installing a sink involves being able to first seat the sink correctly, then vent and attach the water lines. If the sink is in a new location and you have to run new lines, cutting and attaching water pipes is harder than it looks. The connections need to be water tight so no leaking occurs.

Many times you will be working in very tight areas, many of which require tools that are designed to reach fittings that are in extremely difficult to reach places. Your local plumbing expert has the tools and experience to quickly make the connections and restore the water so you can take back control of that bathroom.

Tacoma DIY Gone WrongNew Efficient Water Heater

Those big tank water heaters seem like an extremely simply DUY project. The problem many homeowners run into is the fitting and connections require an experienced technician who can make new connections that can handle high pressure and will not start leaking soon after the unit is installed.

If the water heater is on a second story and starts leaking the next day, you might not even realize it until you see water stains appearing on the ceilings in your lower floors. Now you have a much bigger problem to address with water damage.

We've seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 for service in the Tacoma area!

Do You Have Stink in the Sink? Get That Garbage Disposal

Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Tacoma PlumberKitchen maintenance and cleaning can certainly be an overwhelming task. Luckily, there are many modern day solutions intended to make this process much more simple.

Garbage disposals are the perfect example. Here are the top 10 reasons as to why a garbage disposal should be installed in every kitchen.

The Conveniences

1. When washing dishes, the last thing that someone wants to worry about are the extra little pieces of food left on dishes. With garbage disposals, families are left with the tedious task of picking out the pieces of food on their plates before they even start to wash dishes. By simply turning on a garbage disposal switch that grinds up any remaining bits of food, this problem is easily solved.

2. Many companies today are producing garbage disposals with options for quiet grinding. This makes late night dish washing convenient, because someone could wash dishes quietly without disturbing sleeping household members with a noisy garbage disposal.

3. When placed in garbage cartons, leftover scraps of food combined together can often result in unsavory aromas. Without the help of a garbage disposal, these bits of food would likely have to be placed in a separate bag or tightly sealed container until they were discarded of properly. This would make life in the kitchen even more complex and tedious. Fortunately, garbage disposals can easily dispose of these leftover bits without making a home smell terrible.

More Environmentally Friendly.

4. Garbage disposals get rid of leftover particles of food. This means that there will be much garbage for the garbage collector, meaning that less trash will be placed in the town's landfill. Landfill space is crucial, and garbage disposals make more landfill space available.

5. Instead of sitting at a landfill with no purpose, food waste collected from garbage disposals are transferred to locations where they can serve as renewable energy and fertilizers.

6. When food waste is sent to landfills, it is incinerated, and produces harmful emissions that are bad for the planet.

7. When food is placed in the garbage disposal, it transforms into bio solids. Bio solids can then be used to produce fertilizers. This is a much more natural, environmentally friendly method of making fertilizers as opposed to other manufacturing processes.

8. With less food scraps to be transported to landfills, less garbage vehicles would be necessary. This would save on energy costs and it lower energy consumption from Tacoma Garbage Disposal Servicesunburned fossil fuels.

Easy Costs and Maintenance

9. Water use is a huge expense in the home, but the water used in garbage disposals typically only accounts for a mere 1% of the water. Because only about 1% of water is used in disposals, the maintenance costs can be as cheap as 50 cents a year.

10. Professionals can be hired at reasonable prices to install garbage disposals easily.

Smelling a stink in the sink in your Tacoma home? That means you need a garbage disposal, just Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100, and have an expert install one today!

What You Need to Know About Repiping Jobs

Repiping Services


Tacoma PlumberHow Can You Determine When You Need Pipe Services?

Homeowners who want to keep their living space in a highly functional and aesthetically appealing condition need to attend to their plumbing. In many cases, homeowners think they detect the signs of malfunctioning pipes but are not quite certain whether this is the issue.

If this is your challenge, it's important to note that there are numerous signs you can look for to determine whether this is the case. One relatively common sign that begins to surface when your pipes are malfunctioning is rusty water.

This water is typically not clear and it also has an odd taste which many people define as "funny." In the event that you experience rusty water, the culprit is rusty pipes. The solution is repiping.

The second sign that you should look for when attempting to determine whether you're in need of pipe work is the age of your plumbing system.

Typically, you are almost always best off getting professional plumbing services when you are dealing with an old plumbing system.

Otherwise, you will likely find yourself pouring a great deal of money into repair and maintenance services for a plumbing system that will not function optimally.

One final sign you should be cognizant of when attempting to determine whether it's time for piping work is leaking pipes. When you have pipes that leak periodically, you may just need to have a simple repair. However, if your pipes leak all the time, you will likely need repiping services.

Will Repiping Services Impact My Daily Schedule?

When you choose our professional company for all of your repiping and pipe repair needs, you can be confident that your daily routine will not be adversely impacted.

As a result of our extensive experience and education in the piping industry, we have become skilled in completing the client's piping work quickly and effectively. Moreover, Tacoma Repipingyou will not need to leave your private living space as we complete the job.

Finally, our professional technicians are friendly and will offer you excellent customer service that brightens your day and sets you at ease as we fix the piping issue.

How Long Will The Repiping Process Last?

Typically, we can complete your repiping process in a two or three day period. To determine how long the repiping process will take, we will have to examine factors like the extent of the plumbing damage and what type of plumbing devices you have installed in your home.

Not sure if you need a repiping job or a pipe repair job in your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, and get the right answers from the best experts.

The Necessary Changes to Faucet and Sink Fixtures

Faucet and Sink Fixture: When is it Necessary to Replace my Faucet?


Tacoma Plumber The faucets in your home are your lifeline to the world outside. You can get clean water through your faucets, and you will be able to keep the clean water coming if you are taking care of the faucets you already have.

Read through the instructions below to learn how to care for your faucets, inspect them and replace them if you need.

When Should You Replace Them?

The faucets in your house need to be replaced at the precise moment that you know they will not work anymore. Your plumber will be able to give you a diagnosis on the faucet when they come to check on it, but you can also see that the faucet is no longer working.

If you are experiencing persistent leaks or breakage, you need to replace the faucet for your own good.

Signs Of Damage To The Faucet

The faucet will show several signs that it is breaking down if you are looking. Leaks around the base will show that the caulk seal is breaking. Leaks in the cabinet below will show that the fittings are not tight, and dripping from the faucet shows that its valves are no longer functional.

If you are checking on the faucets often, you will see these signs before they get out of control. You may be able to prevent expensive repairs or replacement if you are thoughtful in your inspection of each faucet.

Tacoma Faucet and Sink FixtureAvoiding Problems In Your Future

When you are trying to avoid issues with the faucets in the future, you need to keep inspecting them on your own. Also, you need to make sure that that the plumber is coming to visit you at least once a year.

Regular inspections will ensure that your faucets properly, and you will be able to see that you need to get a repair done.

You must take care of the faucets in your home to make sure you always have clean water to drink. You should inspect your faucets diligently, and you need to make sure that the y are replaced before they break down completely on you.

Having the proper faucet and sink fixture is vital for your Tacoma home. If this needs repairing, Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100, we have the best pair of experts to get the job done.

The Advantages of Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Service Benefits


Tacoma PlumberWhat is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a pump that removes water that accumulates in the basement of a home. The pump is placed in an area of the basement that is recessed below the level of the rest of the floor so that water will naturally gravitate to this area.

As it collects there, it is pumped out and away from the home through a pipe or hose connecting it to the outside.

What Are the Benefits of a Sump Pump and Why Do You Need One In Your Home?

The sump serves as a location for water to collect. This water may be from rain run-off or possibly from ground water due to the fact that a particular home's basement may be below the water level.

The pump is what gets the water out of this sump, or low space where the water collects, and out of the house, so that the basement does not flood and the foundation of a home does not get damaged.

With so many home basements below ground level, water getting into it becomes a real problem. You need a regular, automatic way of getting it out, and this is what a sump pump does for you. Water damage can cause mold and mildew and create an unhealthy environment. Over time, it can also start to damage the foundation of the home.

Check Your Sump Pump Periodically

Some recommend having your sump pump checked at least once a year to make sure there is no water build up near it and that it is doing its job of getting the water out of and away from the house.

Sump pumps can last anywhere from 5 years to 30 years depending on the type and quality of the unit you get and how much use it gets. Some of them may even have an alarm to alert you to a problem before your basement floods.

FTacoma Sump Pump Serviceor flood-prone basements it may even be advisable to have a back-up system of some kind in the event of a power failure preventing the pump from working during a major storm.

This is why some units come with a battery back-up, and others may even be powered by a home's water supply. Having a professional check this pump at the first sign of trouble will make sure it is working so that it will keep your basement and foundation dry and in good shape.

Hindsight is always 20/20, don't wait until it's too late to protect your home. To install or repair a sump pump in your Tacoma home, call the experts of All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100.

For a Plumbing Emergency, Don't Dial 911, Call the Plumbers!

Emergency Plumbing 101


Tacoma PlumberOwning a home requires regular maintenance. Part of this maintenance is the plumbing. If the plumbing is damaged, that can lead to other damage. It is best to get the plumbing repairs done as soon as possible.

How Can I Prevent an Emergency Plumbing Incident?

Simple steps can be taken to prevent needing an emergency plumber. Regular maintenance check of your pipes will be your biggest preventative measure. When you notice a leak, have it repaired right away. If that leak is neglected, that is what turns into a pipe bursting.

If the weather is below freezing, take the added step of leaving your water on at night and have the pipes exposed to the heat. This will prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting.

What Are the Advantages of Emergency Plumbing Services?

There are many advantages for hiring an emergency plumber. The first benefit is knowing you will have the problem taken care of in just a short time. If you wait on the repairs for a weekday for service, then you will risk more damage. Another advantage is knowing once you call the plumbing service, a professional will be there within a matter of hours of the call. And finally, plumbers are professionally trained.

They will access the area, tell you what the issue is and the cost, then proceed with the repairs. Plumbers are also trained to find other problems within the house or Tacoma Emergency Plumbing 1affected area. They will call this to your attention. If it is something that need to be repaired immediately, they will address it with you.

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?

The cost for services of an emergency plumber vary. Every company has a different flat rate for the plumber present. The cost also depends if the service is done in a residential or commercial building, what time the service is performed, what day of the week the service is done, and what kind of repairs are done.

If your pipes burst, don't panic, shut your water main off and call an emergency plumber right away. They are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are licensed professionals, backed by a company that will insure all work done.

For an Emergency Plumbing job in the Tacoma area, All Purpose Plumbing is the company for you! Call (253) 473-5100 and get the experts on it.

What to Consider with a New Water Heater Purchase

Choosing a New Water Heater: What Factors Should I Consider? 

When choosing a new water heater there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you make your purchase to ensure that you're getting not only the best value for your dollar but also a model that suits your home or business.

Buying one model then having to get it replaced due to unforeseen problems is never a good thing so let's take a moment to go over several factors you should keep in mind when it comes to getting the right water heater for your needs.

What Factors Should be Considered?

The first factor you should consider when purchasing a water heater is price. The reason being that you will likely be on a budget of some sort and going over your budget is never a good idea. Start by sorting all the models that you are considering by price and discard the ones that exceed your budget. That being said, don't' feel tempted to get a cheap model just because it costs the least, that can be a problem as well.

The second factor is size. The size of your water heater will control how much hot water you have on hand at any given time. Larger homes and businesses will likely need a larger hot water heater while average sized homes can often times get by with a smaller model.

The their factor is performance. Some water heaters work faster than others when it comes to heating up water. What this means is that a smaller hot water heater with a greater performance could potentially produce more hot water than a larger model with a lower performance depending on the time frame in which the hot water is used.

How Often Does a Hot Water Heater Need Maintenance?

Generally speaking a hot water heater should be maintained roughly once a year. This is a good preventative
measure to ensure that not only does it last longer but that it doesn't malfunction at some point.

This is a great way to really protect your investment but remember that only qualified individuals should preform maintenance on a hot water heater.

Trying to maintenance a hot water heater yourself if you are not qualified can be dangerous. In addition to toying around with a device that deals with scalding hot water and electricity, having a hot water heater fall on top of you can cause serious injury as well.

Doing some research on a new water heater for your Tacoma home? Call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, and get the proper insight on your new water heater choice.