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The Latest Toilet Technologies

Tacoma, WA toilet-technologies

A Nightlight

There are toilets with night lights, similar to how a child may have a night light to help them fall asleep in a dark room. The lights are simply helpful for those who may want to keep the bathroom dark but still find their way to the toilet.

Some toilets will have lights that are bright enough to illuminate the toilet and the area around it, but others may just have simple lights as a guide to get to the toilet. The led lights are not only helpful but a great way to keep the toilet lit up with lights for years because led lights take a lot longer to dissipate than regular light bulbs.

A Turbo Wash

There is a wash called a turbo wash, or some may even call it a stream of some kind, and this is an extremely powerful jet of water that actually goes inside the anus to help flush out the bowels. These are used by professional colon cleansing locations, and although some may find it uncomfortable, those who can stand it can seriously get rid of stubborn bowels caused by constipation and other ailments.

This wash is definitely not for everyone. Some toilets that are equipped with the wash can be very helpful to those who have had problems with bowel movements and felt the need to drink certain teas or take supplements that would help them go to the bathroom. The nozzle that’s used for the turbo wash is also self-cleaning, so even though the entire event sounds a bit unnerving, at least, the next person to use the bathroom will know that they’ll have a perfectly cleaned and sterilized nozzle every time.

Timer For Energy Saving

Who knew that a toilet would need to save energy? Toilets that have a lot of technology and a remote control will use energy of some kind, but it can also take up a lot of energy. If a toilet has heated seats and other features, then it may be necessary to program the toilet to use less energy when no one is in their Rancho Cucamonga home using the toilet.

Turning down the water temperature as well as the heated seat is a great way to save energy from the toilet while no one is home, and it can then be programmed to go back to normal when the person comes back home. Some toilets can automatically do energy-saving on their own.

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Beautify your Bathroom

The Top 3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

While it's fun to decorate virtually any room in a home, there's something special about giving the bathroom a much-needed makeover. However, with so many hot trends in bathroom remodeling available today, it's hard to pick exactly what you want. To make this process easier, here are some of today's top bathroom remodeling trends. Take a look at all of them, then decide for yourself just how much of a makeover your Tacoma bathroom needs.

Tacoma, WA Annual Trends

Water-Efficient Fixtures

In many parts of the United States, conserving water has become extremely important. To help with this, companies now manufacture low-flow toilets that can substantially save hundreds of dollars per month. Whether you have a low-flow toilet put in the bathroom or opt for water-saving faucets, there's something for everyone when it comes to this trend. For example, if you're looking to save money on your monthly water bill, consider purchasing a low-flow toilet. Current toilets use an average of 3.5 gallons when flushed, compared to only about one gallon for low-flow toilets. If you're serious about saving water, pair up the toilets with low-flow shower heads and save more money and water along the way.

Steam Showers

While some people only see their bathroom as a room that needs to be functional, others view it as a potential day spa under their own roof. Because of this, they are choosing to install such features as steam showers in their Tacoma homes. Known for being able to help loosen tight muscles as well as simply let a person relax, steam showers are just now beginning to catch on with people everywhere. As 2016 continues, this is expected to be one of if not the hottest bathroom remodeling trends in the country.

Trough Sink

If you're tired of trying to fit two or more people in at the sink each morning before work or school, a trough sink may be the answer. Similar to many older sinks found in homes a century or more ago, trough sinks have proven to be very popular for a variety of reasons. In addition to letting several people use the sink at once, trough sinks come in many different styles and colors. Because of this, they can be used in a variety of settings, making them extremely versatile. For those who want their bathroom to be modern while still having a hint of the past, a trough sink is the answer.

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Piece of Cake Clogs

Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

When trying to unclog a sink, there are many techniques people in Tacoma use in an effort to get their drains clear. In some cases it may be using a plunger to send the clog on its way, while in other cases a person may pour a bottle of drain cleaner down the drain in hopes of breaking up the clog. However, when it comes to getting rid of clogs, nobody has more knowledge about the subject than plumbers.

Tacoma, WA draincleaning_720

In an effort to help the average person fight the war on clogs, many plumbers today are now offering advice on how people can best unclog sinks on their own. If you're in need of some new techniques to fight this enduring problem, take a look at some of the helpful tips below.

Foam and Fizz

While it may sound like a school science project, the fact is two common household ingredients can be combined to fight clogs. Baking soda and white vinegar, both very inexpensive, can work together very effectively to dissolve clogs. Using about one-third of a cup of each, the two should be poured into a bowl, allowed to come to a fizz, and then quickly poured down the drain. After waiting about 20 minutes, let some hot water run from the tap. If it goes down the drain with no trouble, the problem is solved.

Put Some Muscle Behind It

If the mixture mentioned above didn't work, you may have to put a bit more muscle behind your fight against clogs. In this case, that will mean using a plunger. Effective with both single and double-bowl sinks, plumbers suggest running one inch of water in the sink, then placing the plunger's cup over the drain opening. When ready, give the sink about 25 strokes with the plunger, then run hot water to see what happens. If needed, use another 25 strokes and again run hot water.

Bring Out the Snake

If all else fails to get rid of clogs, it's time to bring out the drain snake in an all-out effort to send the clog on its way. For best results, insert it into the drainpipe, then feed it along until it feels as if it is hitting the clog. Then pull it back out, hopefully bringing the clog with it or breaking it up along the way. If this fails, you'll need the additional expertise of a Tacoma plumber.

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Stop Wasting Water!

Five Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

For Tacoma people who are interested in reducing water usage in the home, there are a variety of ways that water usage can be reduced. While different people may have different reasons for reducing water usage, a reduction in water usage can ultimately provide many advantages.

Tacoma, WA water-usage-tipsservices_360

Ways To Reduce Water Usage

People tend to use more water than they need mainly out of habit. People typically do not think about water reduction. The reason is because most people always have water available whenever they want to use it. However, for people who are interested in reducing water usage, some popular ways include:

1. Taking showers instead of baths.

2. Turning water off while brushing teeth.

3. Replacing older toilets that use more water with newer toilets.

4. Using an amount of water in the washing machine that is appropriate for the amount of clothes that will be washed.

5. Repairing water leaks in the home.

Reducing Water Usage is Not Difficult

Reducing Tacoma home water usage is not difficult. There are various ways that water can be reduced that require little effort. The main thing that people need to do to reduce water usage is to be consistent. The ways that are used to reduce water must be done on a daily basis, day in and day out.

In addition, to gain the most benefit from any water reduction efforts, everyone in the home must follow the chosen water reduction methods. If everyone living in the home follows the water reduction methods on a daily basis, there will be a noticeable reduction in water usage.

Water Reduction Benefits

One of the biggest benefits that can come from a reduction in water usage is a lower water bill. However, beyond a lower water bill, some people feel good knowing that they are helping to conserve water. While many people rarely think about conserving water, there are many communities that struggle with the amount of water available in the community.

Cutting water usage is not hard. There are easy ways that people can cut water usage such as taking showers, brushing their teeth without running the water, replacing older toilets, adjusting water levels when washing cloths, and repairing water leaks. However, people must be consistent in their water reduction efforts to ultimately see a noticeable reduction in water usage.

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Follow Regulations, Save Energy

What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

As technology has evolved, one area that has benefitted is energy efficiency for appliances. This has been particularly true for water heaters, which due to the large amounts of energy they use to create hot water have been at the forefront of greater efficiency standards.

Tacoma, WA water-heater-services

As a result, the United States Department of Energy implemented what are known as Final Rule efficiency standards in 2010. Applicable to products manufactured for sale in the United States, the new standards will have a dramatic impact on water heaters used by Tacoma homeowners.

Increasing EF Requirements

The most important regulation for water heaters under this mandate has been making sure manufacturers adhere to the increased EF requirements. Known as Energy Factor ratings, they apply to all residential electric, gas, tankless, and oil water heaters.

With the goal being to help Tacoma consumers save money on electric bills while also helping to conserve natural resources, the EF rating will now be more important than ever. Because it measures how much electricity is used when converting water from cold to hot, the EF rating must now be higher in order to meet the stricter federal standards.

1-55 Gallon Tanks

The most popular type of water heater used in residences across the United States, ones that hold up to 55 gallons will now have increased EF standards. For a gas water heater, the current standard of .62 will now jump to .82, meaning that 82 percent of the energy used will be converted to hot water. For electric water heaters between 20-55 gallons, the EF standard of .90 for a 50 gallon tank will increase to .95, meaning 95 percent of its energy will be converted to hot water.

55 Gallons or More

While the increases for water heaters up to 55 gallons are somewhat substantial, it is the new standards for tanks holding in excess of 55 gallons that exhibit the most dramatic jump. For example, a gas heater with a 75 gallon capacity will now see its new EF standard go from .53 to .74, representing a 40 percent increase.

However, it is the electric water heaters that have a 120 gallon capacity that will show the biggest increase, going from .81 to 1.92. While the increases seem very steep, they will result in increased energy savings for consumers. However, because the costs of the heaters will increase, those savings may be negated to some degree.

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Plumbing Done Perfectly

5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

Get A Plumber, Not A Contractor To Remodel Your Bathroom

Those who have never remodeled their bathroom before may think that a contractor is who they need to get the remodeling project done. If you get a contractor to remodel your bathroom, it’s possible that some of the work will get done, but none of the plumbing work will be finished, or if it is, then you can bet that the plumbing probably won’t work properly. Since you call a Tacoma plumber when anything goes wrong in your bathroom, you need to know that the plumber is who should remodel the bathroom, not a contractor.

Tacoma, WA bathroom-remodeling-services

Remodeling Projects

Hot Tub- Getting a hot tub in a bathroom seems very expensive, but those who are trying to upgrade the value of their home would easily do so by adding a hot tub into the bathroom. The hot tub can be situated in a corner of the bathroom, depending on the size of the tub and the bathroom.

TV Space- Think of creating a space in the wall that can hold a TV, that’s if you don’t want to get a wall-mounted TV in the bathroom. Even if you don’t want a TV in the space, then consider decorating it with flowers, figurines, or even a painting.

A Faucet- No doubt you already have a faucet in your bathroom, but changing it to a different faucet would be a great way to give the sink area a touch-up, and you can choose from the many different faucets to make the sink area look much better.

A Sink- If you’re getting a new faucet, then a sink could easily go with it. There are tons of different sinks that range from ones that are inserted to one’s that have an entire countertop with it, so pick a sink that will match the faucet and look great in the bathroom.

Bathroom Countertops- You can get a great looking new countertop that’s made of many different materials. You can choose different colors, textures, and thicknesses to add to the countertop to make it bring out the beauty of the sink area.

Have Fun Remodeling

It can be a lot of fun remodeling your Tacoma bathroom, especially when all the ideas come directly from your head. Just make sure you budget yourself when remodeling, and be patient with the person remodeling your bathroom.

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Prevent The Problem

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

We all grow up hearing about superstitions and old wives tales. For the most part these are just odd beliefs and rare occurrences. Then there are the plumbing myths. Believing these plumbing myths can cause you a lot of trouble and be costly.

Tacoma plumbing_services_360Here is a look at some common plumbing misconceptions and myths and why failing to distinguish fact from fiction can pack a punch to your wallet. Understanding the difference between what is true and what is not where your plumbing is concerned could come down to dollars and sense.

The Drain Isn't Clogged If Things Are Still Going Down

False. Things may be going down but that doesn't mean they are going down the way they should are going where they should go. There are some thing to look out for that can indicated you do indeed have a clog drain.

Consider if water is going down slowly. This could indicate that things are sticking and coating your pipes. This build up of debris, hair, oil, and starches occurs naturally and over time. Unchecked, this can cause you big problems with a clogged drain.

Small Leaks Are No Big Problem

False. Small leaks can turn into big problems with a big expense. Small leaks can be waste water which can not only affect your Tacoma utility bill but damage your fixtures.

If It Goes Down When You Flush It's Flushable

False. Truly body waste and toilet tissue are the only things you should be flushing down your toilet. Forget flushable wipes and anything else that will down. Just because it goes down doesn't mean it will it will make it to the sewer. These can do not break down and can clog your line.

Lemons Work Wonders For Freshening Your Garbage Disposal

There is no denying that lemons smell wonderful but they can damage your disposal blades and corrosion to the metal inside your disposal. Lemon peels can also cause your disposal or drain to clog.

Any Plumber Can Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Not necessarily so. While a Tacoma professional plumber should be knowledgeable, skilled, and capable all plumbers are not the same. You would be well advised to do some research before hiring a professional plumber. Ask for people you know and trust if they can recommend a plumber or use the BBB or state boards to ensure you are hiring a plumber who is well educated and qualified in the field.

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When you have to go, the last thing you need is a clogged toilet

3 Challenges of Using and Maintaining a Toilet

It's no secret, toilet plumbing problems in your Tacoma home are among the worst disasters to digest. In our detailed study, we learned that these disasters often stem from poor maintenance or misuse of the toilet. Here, we'll basically highlight three main challenges linked to toilet maintenance and use.

Tacoma, WA Toilet Maintenance ServicesPreventing clogged drains

We've unclogged numerous drains and from our experience, we've realized that it's a struggle for people to practice safe measures. In fact, many continue to flush non-disposable garbage and other materials down the toilet.

More often than not, it's had a disastrous outcome, that warrant expensive plumbing repairs. What's more, replacing damaged components and removing debris from a clogged toilet isn't a task for the unprofessional.

Conducting annual inspection

Obviously, it's routine to have your toilet plumbing inspected by a professional every year. With our comprehensive toilet plumbing inspection, we can detect any minor inconsistencies, leaks, clogged drainage, etc.

The plumber will address any toilet issues or urgent maintenance it needs. The moment your toilet breakdown of becomes flooded, you'll want to reach for a quick fix. However, it can easily turn into a haunting nightmare.

Insulating toilet plumbing

You probably don't have the slightest idea of what toilet plumbing insulation involves or how it really works. Especially during the frigid winter months, you need quality insulation for your bathroom plumbing.

It'll definitely protect your toilet plumbing from becoming broken or brittle. What's more, it's a method we particularly encourage to drown out the noise of thundering water traveling through your toilet drainage after it's been flushed. It's obviously embarrassing as it broadcast your every visit to the bathroom.

If you suspect toilet plumbing issues with the fixtures or components, it's in your best interest to correct the problems immediately. You run into serious problems should you ignore these urgent needs.

Additionally, you should consult an expert plumber to guarantee real results. It's a safety measure that you should exercise before using generic chemicals to fix your toilet drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals can seriously corrode the toilet drains in your Tacoma home if they're used excessively.

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The Home Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Pet owners know that pipes and plumbing could get clogged on account of pets. For one thing, pets are very furry and the shedding can result in the clogging of pipes when the hair is picked up and thrown down the drains.

The following are tips that you could follow in order to keep the drains and the pipes clean and from clogging.

Tacoma, WA drain_cleaning_services1. Flush Carefully

What you flush has an effect on how well the water flows in your Tacoma home. There are certain items that can clog your drains over time if you flush them down the toilet.

Even items that are labeled as 'flushable' are not necessarily good to flush down the toilet. For instance, when it comes to cat litter, it is better put the litter in the bag and toss it into the trash can.

2. Use a Strainer

With sinks, anything can fall down the drain which clogs the pipes and drains. With a strainer, it could reduce the chances of something clogging the drains.

This is especially useful for when you give your dog a bath. As you bathe your dog, there is shedding and other things that cause the tub to clog if it goes down the drain. Your dog's hair for instance could clog the sink while you are bathing it.

3. Replace Water

It is important to replace your pet's water on a regular basis. One thing you don't want is to have your pet go to the toilet to drink water. Make sure that their water is refilled and the bowl is clean, especially during hotter days.

4. Hide Pipes and Drains

Any exposed drains should be hidden because pets often chew on them. Pets love to chew on random things. If the pet chews on the pipes, then that could cause problems in the drain.

For one thing, it could cause a clog in the plumbing or a leak. It is important to make sure that the drain is concealed so that the pets couldn't get to it.

These four tips will help you avoid any pet related plumbing problems. There are plenty of other tips you can follow in order to prevent any kind of issues with plumbing.

The most important thing is to make sure that the pet is taken care of and to keep providing a great home environment for everyone living in your Tacoma home.

Don't let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Tacoma, WA home call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today!

Reasons That Your Water is a Different Color

Why is Your Water Discolored?

Discolored water is a very common occurrence among many households. It is rather disconcerting to see. In many cases, even the cleanest water often has an instance when it discolors for a second, but then it just goes back to normal. However, there are cases when the water that comes out of the faucet or other source that dispenses water and it stays discolored. For persistent problems of discolored water in your Tacoma home, then it is important to know the possible causes of each instance. There are quite a few causes for discoloration of water. The following are three of the most common causes for discolored water.

Tacoma, WA Water Filtration Services1. Mineral Deposit

Mineral deposit is one of the most common causes of discoloration. With plumbing and other fixtures that water passes through, there will be deposits of minerals. It is important to clean out everything that is used to transport water.

2. Other Sediment

There are other things that could be put into the water that cause it to discolor. There are cases when there are dirt deposits into the water supply. For this reason, it is important to clean up the water supply.

3. Rust

As the pipes get old, it rusts, especially since it deals with the water. As the pipes rust, it can eventually cause discoloration in the water. At this time, there may need to be a replacement of pipes.

Whatever the reason, it is important to make sure the problem is solved. The resident may have to call a plumber in order to check out the issue if the water is coming out of their pipes discolored. It is not a good idea to consume or otherwise use discolored water because there might be risk factors for illnesses.

Another possible cause for discolored water is that the city's pipelines are dirty. One way to know whether or not the city is giving dirty water or it is just your water that is coming out discolored is to ask around. If other people are having the same problem, then it is more likely to be the city's water supply. In this case, it is up to the city to make sure that the plumbing is fixed so that they deliver cleaner water to the residents. If you are the only one with the problem, then schedule an appointment with a Tacoma plumber to check out the plumbing.

If your water is discolored in your Tacoma, WA home, call All Purpose Plumbing at (253) 473-5100 today, and we'll solve the problem for you!